South Downs | Nature

Last week Thursday was Company Day, so me and my colleagues headed from London to South Downs for a day of 'walkshops' (walking and talking) facilitated by John Willshire.  We began in Plumpton, walked across the South Downs, and ended the day in Lewes. 

We lunched at The Half Moon, took a pit stop at The Pelham Arms, and enjoyed fine wine, cheese and meats at Symposium while discussing strategy and culture. 

It was a really lovely day - albeit tiring and long - and the weather held up quite well for us. Here are a selection of photos I captured.    

As ever, 


Company's Fifth Birthday | Events

You may or may not know, but I am a PA and office manager for a digital technoIogy company in London. For the last 6 weeks, I helped organise its fifth birthday party, which took place on Wednesday  (who has a party in the middle of the week, right? We do!).

It was a great evening with giant balloons, most-loved childhood sweets, cocktails and craft beers, and good music.

The party was held in Protein's Studio 2 in Shoreditch - a fantastic blank canvas that can be transformed into absolutely anything to suit your event (and imagination).

The gyoza guys from Rainbo drove their 1948 Ford pick-up into the space and served some amazing dumplings, while foodie artisans Le Bun served some mouth-watering sliders, included Le Bourguignon Bun and Le Chèvre Bun (blowtorched goat’s cheese, smoked tomatoes, eggplant caviar). 

Everything came together nicely. 

Here are a few shots that I captured during the evening:

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