Company's Fifth Birthday | Events

You may or may not know, but I am a PA and office manager for a digital technoIogy company in London. For the last 6 weeks, I helped organise its fifth birthday party, which took place on Wednesday  (who has a party in the middle of the week, right? We do!).

It was a great evening with giant balloons, most-loved childhood sweets, cocktails and craft beers, and good music.

The party was held in Protein's Studio 2 in Shoreditch - a fantastic blank canvas that can be transformed into absolutely anything to suit your event (and imagination).

The gyoza guys from Rainbo drove their 1948 Ford pick-up into the space and served some amazing dumplings, while foodie artisans Le Bun served some mouth-watering sliders, included Le Bourguignon Bun and Le Chèvre Bun (blowtorched goat’s cheese, smoked tomatoes, eggplant caviar). 

Everything came together nicely. 

Here are a few shots that I captured during the evening:

As ever,